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We are an established therapy practice dedicated to serving the mental health needs of Black and Brown girls in the District of Columbia and surrounding areas. We provide a safe place for clients to discover themselves and experience the healing they need to fulfill the best versions of themselves.


"This practice was created to decrease the barriers for Black and Brown girls in receiving adequate, reliable, and relatable mental health resources in their community. " - Veronica S. Hill,  Founder


Veronica S. Hill Is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and the Founder of Promising Prep. As a North Carolina native, growing up she observed the lack of resources and outlets for Black girls in her rural community. However,  as she matriculated through her education and relocated to the Washington Metropolitan area she realized that this was not an isolated problem to rural communities.  This began her research to understand the effects of not building a community that supports Black girls' mental health. She has designed this therapy practice to be a safe place for Black and Brown girls to relate, share, communicate, and express themselves without judgement and restrictions. 


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